So we’ve talked a little bit about paid search marketing campaigns, so what is a display campaign? The key distinction is that search ads appear in the google search results, display ads can appear on websites other than Google. The reach of Google’s display network is massive. Main Street ROI estimates their reach at 3 million websites. These are 3 million websites where your ad can appear, requiring no prerequisite search from the user. You have surely encountered display ads on your favorite sites before. These are the boxes and banners that are typically found along the edges of webpages. Thanks to krono for theRead More →

Now that we’ve discussed what SEM is and some methods of bidding for ads. Let’s delve into Google’s process of determining if your ad gets shown. This is done via an auction and is determined heavily by a metric called “ad rank”. The most important thing to understand going forward is that the user is key. Ads should be relevant to the user so that they get clicked on. If this doesn’t happen no one is happy, the user, the advertiser, or Google itself. Ad rank is a metric that considers 3 things which ultimately determines where your ad is placed. These three things are:Read More →

Alright, now that we have a grasp of both types of SEO, let’s introduce SEM! The fundamental difference between SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) is money. SEO are the sets of  free practices I described before that you can use to drive traffic to your site. That kind of traffic is called “organic”, SEM is paid traffic, this is an introduction to paid search and ads. SEM is a great way to get your website to potentially appear higher than it would if you only ranked organically. For this post I am going to tailor my information to Google Adwords as it is theRead More →

As its name suggests, offsite SEO involves tactics to drive traffic to your website that occur outside of your domain. Offsite SEO actually accounts for a larger portion of Google’s algorithm than onsite, so getting this right is important! At its core, offsite SEO is essentially an attempt to show users and Google itself that your site is valuable and trustworthy. This is done via a practice called backlinking. Think of it like this. You are interviewing for a new job. You know that you are a qualified candidate with a great moral compass. Your interviewers might not know this about you however. Now let’sRead More →

Hey everyone! In this post I am going to explain what onsite SEO is, explain why it is so important, and finally teach you how to utilize it effectively! First, let’s start with a recap of the definition of SEO. SEO is in essence, a set of practices that aim to generate the most organic traffic possible to your webpage (organic meaning not paid for). Therefore, onsite SEO is simply the practices that you can perform on your website and webpages themselves to get your content noticed! Onsite SEO is only a fraction of the algorithm that determines the rank at which your page willRead More →

Hey everyone! Digital marketing can be a scary field to get into! For me the most intimidating aspect was learning the terminology. Between new concepts and several acronyms that may change only one letter, it can feel like learning a new language. My aim with this first post is to provides some very basic explanations of  some of the most common terms that you will encounter not only in this blog, but around the web. What is SEO? SEO is short for search engine optimization. At its most basic level, SEO is a set of practices that promote your website to appear higher on searchRead More →